I look the same
but if you look a little closer
you will see the sparkle in my eye.
I walk the same
but look closer
and you’ll see the spring in my step.
I speak the same
but listen closely
and you’ll hear the tinkle in my tone.
I embrace the same
but can you feel
the tenderness in my arms?
I kiss the same
but do you detect
the passion in my lips?
I live the same
but my life is filled with mystery,
and magic and mirth.

My life, you see, is not the same
since I met you.
My love for you has changed my life
in oh so many delicate ways, but
has turned me upside down and inside out.

Inside, I glow, I brightly burn.
Inside, I leap and spin and tumble.
Inside, I shatter crystal
with my highest notes.
Inside, my embrace is a firm grip
that I’ll never let slip.
Inside, my kisses singe and scorch and sear.
Inside, my life is filled with mystery, magic and you.
Inside, my life is you.


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