God is the lollipop lady

God is the lollipop lady

God is the lollipop lady.
The semaphore expert
in the day glo yellow suit.

God has the power to stop me
in my tracks
To pay no heed to my need for speed.

God doesn’t care if I’m late
Doesn’t care
about my final verbal warning.

God raises her hand, her sign says
Thou shalt not pass
Thou shalt not go

Thou shalt wait till the woman with the pram and the two snails for children pick up the teddy bear they drop three times as they cross.

Thou shalt wait till the two mothers dawdling ten yards down the road saunter up, have a little chat and idly drift to the other side.

God’s face says
‘I care not if you fret and fume
Nor do I care for your suggestive gestures’

Her piercing gaze says
‘I am the controller of your time
and destiny
I am all powerful, I am almighty.


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